Rafting excursions at Meramec River Resort are designed to create smiles, happiness, and laughter for small or larger groups of friends, family, or colleagues who just want to get away. We offer multiple sizes of commercial grade floating rafts for you to choose from. Whether you’re an experienced paddler or a first-time adventurer, our stretch of the upper Meramec River provides the perfect float trip options.

Feel the fun flood your veins as you navigate the twists and turns of the upper Meramec River. Paddle and splash for a while, then simply lay back and rest, letting the water carry you downstream surrounded by a dreamy landscape. 

Awe-inspiring beauty will lull your spirit as you raft through the stunning Meramec River Valley. Towering bluffs, lush hillsides, fields of flowers, and the gentle ripples of the water will make you marvel at the vibrant flora of the area. Let the serenity of nature captivate your senses and carry you away.

At Meramec River Resort, we offer a variety of float trips to suit your preferences. Choose from half-day or full-day options, each offering its own unique thrills and opportunities for fun. And all of our float trips end conveniently back at our property–so no waiting or long bus rides to return to your campsite, RV, or cabin. 
At Meramec River Resort, we believe everyone deserves to experience the thrill of rafting. Learn to paddle at your leisure, challenge your limits, grow your strength and endurance, or simply kick back and quench your thirst with a cool drink–all of this is possible on a Missouri rafting float trip. And did we mention how good the food tastes when you stop for a gravel bar picnic in public access areas? There’s nothing like fresh air to make your taste buds come fully alive. 

If you’re ready to wake up and smell the country air under breezy summer skies, hanging out with the people who really matter to you, doing something that brings you joy, book your rafting trip at Meramec River Resort now! Feel the rush of anticipation as you plan and prepare. Then enjoy your much needed escape, creating a float trip memory that will stay with you long after the experience ends.
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