6 Man Raft


6 man Rafts accommodate 6 people and 1 regular sized cooler.

Float trips are 3 mile or 7.5 mile.

Float times are:

  • 7.5 mile float available between 9AM-11AM. on Saturdays. All other days: 10AM only (Thursday, Friday, and Sunday).
  • 3 mile float is at 1PM (1300 hrs.) only available Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

On Saturdays, the bus will run nonstop to the drop off point and back between 9AM – 11AM for the 7.5 mile only. Guests will be taken to the river in groups in the order of arrival.

All floats must be off the river by 7pm or a charge for another full day rental for each boat will be incurred.

Life jackets and paddles included in the rental price as well as the bus ride to the put in. The take out is at the main property.


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